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Clinically proven to exterminate harmful pathogens in minutes 

The recent Covid-19 outbreak has changed the way we function forever. The focus on sanitization and disinfectants is unprecedented. Sadly, despite common beliefs and guidance the disinfectants and sanitisers ,currently available, do not offer effective long lasting protection because


  • Alcohol evaporates within seconds, thus minimizing the impact of disinfectants and sanitizers

  • Most antibacterialsanitizers and disinfectant disinfectants only kill bacteria. The impact on viral acitivty is fairly limited, particularly against HUMAN CORONAVIRUS

  • They can have harmful impact on humans due to inhalation

  • Fire and other risks due to hazardous chemicals

  • They can exhibit non tolerance and Skin related issues

  • Cause high wastage, Indirect Costs of Manual Labour and recurring product costs


COPPERZ CU-29 Antimicrobial Film is the latest addition to our innovative product range designed to be an effective and efficient alternative for long lasting antimicrobial protection. It offers

  • Long-lasting performance with a permanent copper layer on the surface offering everlasting antimicrobial protection

  • Superior Extermination - Kills most bacteria, Virus and Fungi including SARS, MRSA, ECOLI and Human CORONAVIRUS

  • Harmless for humans and environment, no known tolerance issues for humans

  • No Hazardous chemicals

  • No Wastage

  • Direct cost saving in labour costs

  • One off product costs

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Pathogens recognize  Copper Ions as essential nutrients, thus absorbing it into cell.


Absorbed Copper Ion penetrate cell membrane, cell loses significant nutrients and water


Copper Ion extracts active oxygen through the penetrated hole of cell membrane thus accelerating cell destruction


Genome and plasmid DNA decomposition, Suspension of cell replication, pathogen self-replication and mutation resulting in total DNA damage and extinction

"Solid state copper and copper alloys rapidly eliminate dangerous pathogens on contact. 'It punches a hole in the cell membrane, like a balloon, and the bacteria collapse... It stops them respiring, goes into the cell and destroys their DNA, which is the important fact, I believe. Mutation happens because you get small changes in DNA in cells. The beauty of copper is it destroys the DNA; there is nothing left. We've shown this for bacteria, fungi and viruses... They can't mutate. They have no time, no chance to mutate. They're gone.’

Professor Keevil - the UK's foremost expert on the antimicrobial properties of copper and a member of the Institute for Life Sciences.”

"On copper, and a range of copper alloys – collectively termed ‘antimicrobial copper’ – the coronavirus was rapidly inactivated (within 30 minutes, for simulated fingertip contamination). Exposure to copper destroyed the virus completely and irreversibly, leading the researchers to conclude that antimicrobial copper surfaces could be employed in communal areas and at any mass gatherings to help reduce the spread of respiratory viruses and protect public health.”


Sarah L Warnes, Zoe R Little, C. William Keevil (University Of Southampton)

"Copper can effectively help to prevent the spread of respiratory viruses, which are linked to severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS).”

                                                                        University Of Southampton


COPPERZ Anti Microbial Film
COPPERZ Anti Microbial Face Mask
COPPERZ Antimicrobial Food Wrap
COPPERZ Antimicrobial Gym Bag
COPPERZ Antimicrobial Clutch Bag
COPPERZ Antimicrobial  Door handle/Grab Rail Cover


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