COPPERZ CU29 Antimicrobial Pouch exterminates most harmful pathogens. The super soft material with composite copper ions is clinically proven to provide long lasting protection again bacteria, viruses and fungi. It exterminates most viruses including HUMAN CORONAVIRUS!

COPPERZ Antimicrobial Pouch

    • Antimicrobial copper composite pouch that kills 99% Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi
    • Unique Virucidal Performance. Exterminates the most lethal viruses such as Influenza, SARS, MRSA, ECOLI and Human CORONAVIRUS.
    • Everlasting protection for as long as the surface is covered with antimicrobial film
    • Clinically proven to kill 99% harmful pathogens including HUMAN CORONAVIRUS
    • Cost Effective
    • Not harmful to humas and environment
    • Food Safe
    • Clinically tested by international testing labs including SGS, FDA, FITI
    • Covid-safe personal storage systems for your consumables and small tools 
    • Keep your masks safe when not in use to protect from harmful viruses 
    • 170 X 150 mm